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Giving burnt-out female entrepreneurs the power to reignite their spark and avert business failure.

Lila’s Story: A Tale of Motivation and Growth

Lila, a dynamic tech founder, had spent over a decade building her company in a male-dominated industry. As her company grew, so did the demands on her time and energy. Overwhelmed by her workload, self-doubt, and the threat of burnout, Lila realized she needed support. She decided on working with Bozena, a motivation coach known for empowering female entrepreneurs.

From their first session, Bozena recognized Lila’s passion and commitment. Together, they explored Lila’s core values and aspirations, helping her envision a future where her well-being was as prioritized as her company’s growth. With renewed clarity, Lila found a sense of purpose and direction.

Supported by Bozena, Lila addressed her workload; she developed systems to streamline tasks and improve delegation, empowering her team and fostering a more collaborative workplace. To manage stress and prevent burnout, she introduced mindfulness and somatic practices into her daily routine.

As they tackled Lila’s self-doubt and worked on building her self-confidence, an unexpected obstacle emerged. Lila uncovered a deep-seated fear of failure stemming from the past where she had lost a significant investment. This fear had been driving her to overwork and micromanage, preventing her from trusting her team fully.

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Lila’s Story Continues

Confronting this fear was a turning point. Bozena helped Lila reframe her past experience as a lesson rather than a failure. Lila learned to see mistakes as opportunities for growth and innovation. This shift in perspective was transformative. She started taking calculated risks, trusting her team more, and fostering a culture of creativity and resilience within her company.

In an unexpected result, Lila’s newfound openness to risk led her to pivot her business model in a bold new direction. She launched an innovative product that quickly gained traction and set her company apart from competitors. This has not only revitalized her company but also reignited her passion for her work.

After six months, Lila had transformed into a confident, balanced, and effective leader. Her company thrived, and she found joy and fulfillment in both her professional and personal life. Lila’s journey highlighted the power of coaching when combined with the immense potential that lies within every entrepreneur. With the right support, she overcame her deepest fears, achieving sustained motivation leading to success and happiness.

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Why me as your coach?

I understand the paradoxes and various directions your life takes you through.

As an experienced woman entrepreneur, I’ve been in your shoes and can relate to the challenges you face every day.

I use an array of tools and processes that have proven successful for my clients and myself for many years.

I’m not only a trained professional coach, I’m also passionate about what I do.

Working with me, you’re getting the best of two worlds: a logical, action-focused approach combined with creative exploration that encourages introspection, reflection, and big-picture thinking.

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